D P Logistics adds robotic process automation to warehouse operations


D P Logistics (Private) Limited, a member of David Pieris Group of Companies, recently introduced robotic process automation (RPA) to its warehouse operations, in collaboration with D P Infotech (Private) Limited, the group’s IT arm. 

Introduction of RPA to repetitive processes within the warehouse has increased efficiency and streamlined the release of goods and vehicles while reducing dependency on human intervention. This has proven invaluable, particularly in the current pandemic situation, where there are restrictions on the number of persons who can report to work and the need for physical distancing.   

Given the challenging business environment both locally and globally, DPL is extremely   cognizant of the need to reform business operation to cater to customers’ evolving needs for greater efficiency and cost management.

With RPA, efficiency has been enhanced, business operations improved, costs reduced and productivity increased. Additionally, employee time has optimised and order fulfilment and operational data entry processes sped up. Since the quality of overall warehouse management has increased as a result, customers can benefit from increased operational value and efficiency and lower handling fees.

Source – Daily Mirror (25 Oct 2021)