Spectra Logistics obtains three ISO certifications


International Standards Organization or ISO Certification provides numerous benefits to logistics and transport organizations, especially in terms of environmental management and planning. Management systems help organisations introduce processes and procedures that improve quality, increase business efficiency, and minimise environmental impact. At Spectra Logistics, the certification has helped improve the daily work routine in a more systematic and an organized manner. It also helped they quality and efficiency of the organization, management processes and approach. The overall process improvement has created a systematic approach. ISO certification opens doors for logistics companies for new local and global business ventures, and in terms of business development, this will create competitive edge in the industry.

Internal control of operations has also improved during the change. Productivity measuring methods were updated to meet the latest contexts. The performance of the teams will be reviewed whilst continuous training and development will be provided. The documentation process of an organization is a key component and maintaining same for futuristic matters. Finding grey areas and improving a transparent plan is crucial. For sales and marketing, the certification has given the platform to effectively pitch for FMCG and pharmaceutical industries. The organization has done well in the financial year thanks to these improvements. Due to an enhanced and positive performance, the employee turnover will be less, and the company is in a greater position to attract more skilled new talent. Spectra Logistics has improved the flexibility and the efficiency at the same time. The number of incidents occurred at the warehouse floor were minimized due to safety improvements and the organization has further strengthened its approach with safety being a top priority. The organization was able to establish safety audits and a safety committee at the same time which allows to practice and conduct audits regularly.

The risk-based approach has provided Spectra Logistics, with the opportunity to carry out assessments regularly., which in turn helps measure performance effectively. These improvements lead to smoother daily operations and have given more flexibility to better cater our customers leading to a happier clientele. Therefore, as an organization we have improved our profits and minimized our costs which greatly aligns with our organizational objectives.

The ISO certifications have improved the processes and systems in the organization and have given an opportunity for our customers to receive an extremely satisfying service. The company has been able to nurture and retain our most valuable customer portfolio. The organization has become more organized and systematic thanks to these process improvements and Spectra Logistics is moving towards synergizing itself and approaching new ventures with the new opportunities created.