Gensoft launches in Singapore


Logistics solutions provider Gensoft announced today the incorporation of Gensoft Pte. Ltd in Singapore. The timely entry of Gensoft into the Singaporean market will enable SME logistics companies to leverage their software suite to stay relevant in an ever-changing business landscape. Having become the largest logistics software services provider in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, the company is now looking to extend this success story to Singapore.

The flagship Gensoft Logistics ERP provides end to end functionality for Freight Forwarders, Shipping Lines and NVOCC operators. Enhanced process automation within the core operational verticals provides for reduced turnaround times with minimal errors and omissions. With access to the Gensoft Network the system allows seamless integration between stakeholders and access to services that range from Document Management, Customer Portals, Business Analytics and Messaging Platforms that provide advanced operational visibility.

Riding on its competitive advantages of speed, efficiency, transparency, and reliability, the logistics market in Singapore is expected to continuously grow in the coming years. As a leading transshipment hub and gateway to some of the world’s leading regions, Singapore has become a key destination for customized end to end supply chain solutions for companies and holds strong potential for the growth of the company.

“Singapore is the first office we have established outside of Sri Lanka, and we are looking forward to providing our solutions to the logistics industry in Singapore,” said a company spokesperson. “The establishment of a fully functional office shows our commitment to fulfilling the countries vision of becoming the largest global logistics hub in the world. With our solutions all companies irrespective of their size will have access to world class software solutions at a competitive price point.”