Aitken Spence and Singapore Airlines Celebrates 50 years of Partnership

Aitken Spence and Singapore Airlines celebrates 50 years of partnership

SIA and AS team

SIA and AS main team

SIA and AS cake cutting

The Golden Jubilee partnership between Singapore Airlines and Aitken Spence as the General Sales Agent (GSA) in Sri Lanka was recently celebrated in grandeur at The Stables, Park Street Mews, Colombo.

The partnership formed between Malaysia Singapore Airlines (MSA) presently known as Singapore Airlines (SIA) and Aitken Spence dates back to June 1972. Aitken Spence is the longest standing GSA in the Singapore Airlines Network.

This momentous occasion was graced by West Asia & Africa of Singapore Airlines Regional Vice President David Lau, Cargo Regional Vice President Patrick Ee, Board of Directors and the Management Council of Aitken Spence, key personnel of the passenger and cargo regional office of SIA and the team from local SIA office led by Aitken Spence Aviation (GSA) Managing Director Vasantha Kudaliyanage and Singapore Airlines in Sri Lanka General Manager Zachary Liew.

The keynote speech was made by Aitken Spence Deputy Chairman/ Managing Director Dr. Parakrama Dissanayake. He emphasised that a celebration of the 50th Anniversary, the Golden Jubilee is a lifetime achievement. He also highlighted the colossal contribution by SIA to Sri Lanka facilitating tourism, trade, connectivity, generation of economic growth, job opportunities whilst improving living standards and alleviating poverty.

Aitken Spence Executive Director and Tourism & Leisure sector Head Stasshani enlightened the audience of the inception and the efforts by Aitken Spence former Chairman and Main Board Director G.C. Wickramasinghe, who was instrumental in this partnership serving as the first Managing Director of the Singapore Airlines GSA in Sri Lanka.

Valued members attached to numerous bodies of the aviation field, trade and cargo partners were among the distinguished invitees with the latter being recognised and complimented for their continuous support in this long and arduous journey.

This occasion also provided an ideal platform to recognise and appreciate the staff for their long-standing service and commitment that has been one of the core pillars of success in this time-honoured partnership.

The glamourous night and the ambience provided a perfect setting to celebrate whilst revisiting the momentous events of the past.

This 50-year milestone represents the longest GSA relationship in the Singapore Airlines network which demonstrates decades of trust, teamwork, and shared goals in bringing the very best in service and travel experience to the local travellers.