CILT Sri Lanka International Conference tomorrow

  • Key event to chart course for economic empowerment through logistics

CILT SL President Dr. Namali Sirisoma
Givantha Ariyarathne

In a rapidly changing global landscape, where the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted economies and supply chains worldwide, logistics has emerged as a pivotal force in driving economic recovery and facilitating trade. It is in this context that the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (CILT) Sri Lanka is gearing up to host its much-anticipated international conference in 2023. 

Scheduled to take place on 24 November, the conference will be held at the prestigious Balmoral, Kingsbury Hotel in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This year’s conference carries the theme: “Trade facilitation and economic empowerment: The role of logistics in the recovering economy.”

The global pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in supply chains underscored the importance of efficient logistics, and emphasised the need for robust trade facilitation. CILT Sri Lanka recognised these significant shifts and developments, making it pertinent to centre the 2023 conference on logistics’ transformative role in economic empowerment and recovery.

Logistics, often viewed as the backbone of global trade, plays a crucial role in enabling businesses to connect with markets, optimise operations, and ensure goods reach consumers efficiently. With economies striving to recover and regain their foothold in an uncertain environment, the role of logistics has never been more critical.

The CILT Sri Lanka International Conference 2023 promises to be an engaging and informative event, with a diverse lineup of speakers and panel discussions. The agenda includes:

1. Keynote address: A prominent speaker from the fields of logistics, transportation, and trade facilitation will deliver the keynote address, sharing his insights and perspectives pertinent to the conference’s central theme.

2. Sri Lankan success story: A prime highlight of the conference, where a key personality in Sri Lanka’s logistics industry will share his story and the pivotal roles played in shaping the country’s logistics landscape. The story would offer a comprehensive view of the logistics sector’s evolution in Sri Lanka while addressing some of the notable challenges and triumphs.

3. Segment speakers: Segment speakers in the supply chain and logistics, land transport, aviation, and maritime industries are subject matter experts and will share their invaluable insights from their journeys in the respective fields.

4. Networking opportunities: The conference provides an ideal platform for networking, allowing participants to connect with industry leaders, professionals, and decision-makers.

Who should attend?

The CILT Sri Lanka International Conference 2023 welcomes a diverse audience, including:

Logistics and supply chain professionals: Those working in the field of logistics and supply chain management will find valuable insights and opportunities to expand their knowledge.

Government officials: Policymakers involved in trade and transportation will gain insights into the role of logistics in economic recovery and growth.

Business leaders: Entrepreneurs, business owners, and decision-makers will discover how logistics can drive economic empowerment and recovery for their organisations.

Academics and students: Those studying logistics, transportation, or related fields have the chance to learn from industry experts and network with potential mentors and employers.

The CILT Sri Lanka International Conference 2023 is poised to be a landmark event that promises to shed light on the pivotal role of logistics in economic recovery and empowerment. With a diverse range of topics, speakers, and networking opportunities, this conference is a must-attend for anyone interested in the future of trade and logistics in a rapidly changing world.

In a post-pandemic era, where recovery is paramount, the insights and knowledge shared at this event would be invaluable for businesses, policymakers, and logistics professionals alike. The conference will also provide a platform for dialogue, learning, and collaboration, with the shared goal of driving economic empowerment through the strategic use of logistics and trade facilitation.

(Source: Daily Mirror)